The Ghostly Ghost Tour of St. Augustine

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Florida's coast - from Amelia Island to the Keys to Apalachee Bay - serve as fitting backdrops for these chilling yarns of mystery and intrigue.

From haunted lighthouses to ghost ships to sea serpents, these seventeen family-friendly stories will captivate readers and listeners of all ages. And there’s no better storyteller than Doug Alderson, a naturalist and award-winning writer who has explored every mile of Florida's coast in scouting the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. From the Author's Notes at the end of each story, you can learn more about Florida’s coastal environment and why it has attracted and challenged people through the ages.

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Here's part of a 10/1/09 review by Eric Taubert of the Sanibel Barometer:

Florida author, Doug Alderson, has put together a collection of short stories guaranteed to put you in the spirit of the season...and one of them is set on our very own Sanibel Island.

The Ghostly Ghost Tour of St. Augustine...and Other Tales from Florida's Coast takes you on a bone chilling journey beginning in Amelia Island, traveling down the east coast of Florida to the Keys, then back up the west coast making several stops until we reach the final story set on the Florida Panhandle at Little St. George Island. Seventeen family-friendly, campfire-style ghost stories weave their way through sea serpents, shipwrecks, pirates, haunted lighthouses, and time-bending twists of twilight zone proportions. At the end of each chapter are author's notes describing where the inspiration for the story came from, along with historical information about the particular community the story was set in. Many of these spooky tales also have a refreshing environmentally and/or socially conscious bent. Haunting, terrifying, conservation, kindness, entertainment and education all in one fell swoop.

Alderson's story, The Hermit of Sanibel Captiva brings us back to the late 1800's on Sanibel Island. The island is characterized by a few homesteaders and a trickle of tourists visiting the island's lone resort, The Sisters (the original incarnation of Casa Ybel Resort). A character named Rusty lives a rustic life on the sparsely populated island. I don't want to give any spoilers here, but if you've ever questioned the official story as to how the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge came to exist -- then you may want to read this story.

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