The Ghost Orchid Ghost

Ghost Orchid Ghost Book   

Doug Alderson drew upon many years as a summer camp counselor and storyteller to spin a tale of things that go bump in the swamp.

Florida's famous swamps - from the Everglades to Mosquito Lagoon to Tate's Hell - serve as fitting backdrops for these chilling original stories. Where else but a swamp can you find a ghost baby, or an angry specter, or a lost soul? How about a ghost who is obsessed with the ghost orchid, or an alluring snake woman? Throw in a skunk ape or two and you've got the ingredients for many entertaining hours sharing these stories around a campfire or reading them to yourself or out loud.

Mysterious things just happen in swamps. Maybe it's because they are often wet, shadowy places of wild beauty where few people dare to penetrate. They are havens for snakes, alligators, black bears, wildcats, and who knows what. People on the run have often hidden in swamps, while others have gotten lost in the watery expanses; the swamp can be a refuge or a nightmare. Who but a naturalist can really scare you about what lurks in the swamp?

Doug Alderson has been there and knows. From the Author's Notes at the end of each story, you can learn a thing or two about Florida's swamps, creatures, and history, along with storytelling tips. Florida is rich in history, natural beauty, and ecological and cultural diversity. To protect what is special about our state it is important to educate the people who live here and our visitors. In this unique book you'll find tales of mystery and intrigue interwoven with important facts and lessons of natural history.

What others are saying:

"Thank you so much for such a fabulous book that teaches about true nature and destroys myths."
    Lauren Greene
    Dunwoody Nature Center

"I loved the Ghost Orchid Ghost and Other Tales from the Swamp. I think it was really educational. What I learned from the book was a lot of things. One of them, for example, was how important our swamp is, and how much we need to try and protect it. Another thing I learned from the book is that without the animals that live in the swamp the swamps may not be here. Animals play a big job in the swamps. I also learned how much we could be helping at saving the swamps. We could help the swamp by not building on swamp and making sure chemicals, bug spray, or gas do not leak into the swamps... I really enjoyed and appreciated your work on making this book."
    Jacob Long
    Jefferson County Middle School, 6th Grade

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