Doug's Books

Waters Less Traveled Waters Less Traveled: Exploring Florida's Big Bend Coast

The first comprehensive guide to the Big Bend coastal region of Florida, Doug introduces readers to Florida's frontier past and evolving future. Interweaving history, folkways, and observations from life, Doug relates tales of his travels by sea kayak from the Aucilla River to the town of Suwannee. Runner-up for Best Travel Book of 2006. Learn more and order Waters Less Traveled

The Vision Keepers The Vision Keepers: Walking for Native Americans and the Earth

Doug shares the story of how he was driven by a vision and guided by a Muskogee teacher named Bear Heart through many challenges. He eventually organizes a group of like-minded people on a 3800-mile walk across America through tribal lands in support of Native American rights, reconciliation, and environmental protection. Learn more and order The Vision Keepers

The Ghost Orchid The Ghost Orchid Ghost And Other Tales from the Swamp

Florida's swamps serve as fitting backdrops for these chilling stories. Only in a swamp can you find a swamp ape or a ghost who is obsessed with the ghost orchid. Who but a naturalist can really scare you about what lurks in the swamp? Doug has been there and knows. From his extensive notes you can learn a thing or two about Florida's swamps, creatures, and history. Learn more and order The Ghost Orchid Ghost

Waters Less Traveled New Dawn for the Kissimmee River: Orlando to Okeechobee by Kayak

Florida's Kissimmee Valley covers the area from Orlando to Lake Okeechobee. For more than a decade the Army Corps of Engineers straightened and diverted the river's flow to control persistent flooding. In 1992, Congress acted to restore the river to its original flow and in spring 2007, Doug joined an expedition down the newly restored river and chronicled recovering plant and wildlife. Learn more and order New Dawn for the Kissimmee River

Through Time and Wilderness Through Time and Wilderness: Exploring Old and New Trails of the American West

Here is a story of following old and new trails of the American West, with an eye towards the future. Doug set out to retrace his grandparents' route with a burning question: are the panoramic landscapes of the West, especially those found in carefully protected national parks, as relevant and captivating today as they were in 1939? Learn more and order Through Time and Wilderness

Ghostly Ghost Tour The Ghostly Ghost Tour of St. Augustine and other Tales from Florida's Coast

Florida's coast - from Amelia Island to the Keys to Apalachee Bay - serve as fitting backdrops for these chilling yarns of mystery and intrigue. Where else but Florida can you find a greater treasure-trove of tales filled with pirates, shipwrecked sailors, ghostly sea captains and lost tribes of Native Americans? Learn more and order Ghostly Ghost Tour

Endangered Wildlife Encounters with Florida's Endangered Wildlife

Combining adventure, natural history, and cultural history, Encounters with Florida's Endangered Wildlife features chapters tracking panthers, black bears, whooping cranes, manatees, sea turtles, even ivory-billed woodpeckers - which may or may not be extinct. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the current state of wild Florida. Learn more and order Encounters with Florida's Endangered Wildlife

Seminole Freedom Seminole Freedom

This 225-page adult novel is based on true historical events. Following the life of Jenny as she grows into womanhood and endures the long and bitter Seminole wars, this tale of hardship, bravery and freedom explores the little known role of Black Seminoles in the shaping of American history. Learn more and order Seminole Freedom